Lawyer Who Firebombed NYPD Vehicle Blames Islamophobia

Islamist Extremism Lawyer Who Firebombed NYPD Vehicle Blames Islamophobia Congress Probes Professor’s Ties to Iran Alt-Right & Alt-Left Extremism Wolverine Watchmen Go on Trial California Churches Vandalized More News From the Alt-Right More News From the Alt-Left Hate Crime Incel Arrested for Pepper Spraying Young Women in Northern California Iowa Man Arrested in Hate Crime Shooting […]

Salman Rushdie Stabber Inspired by Ayatollah Khomeini

Islamist Extremism Salman Rushdie Stabber Inspired by Ayatollah Khomeini Iranian Charged for Plot Against Former National Security Advisor John Bolton IRGC Threatens to Nuke New York Alt-Right & Alt-Left Extremism California Teacher Indoctrinates Students to be Marxist Revolutionaries Gunman Dies in Shootout With FBI More News From the Alt-Right More News From the Alt-Left Hate Crime Texas Woman […]

WATCH: Texas Children Pledge Allegiance to Ayatollah Khamenei

Islamist Extremism Texas Children Pledge Allegiance to Ayatollah Khamenei EU Lays Out Final Draft of New Iran Deal for US Approval State Department Warns of Terror Attacks Following Zawahiri’s Death Alt-Right & Alt-Left Extremism Patriot Front Members Plead Not-Guilty to Conspiracy to Riot FBI Opens Investigation Into Left-Wing Attacks on Pregnancy Centers More News From the Alt-Right […]

DOE Launches Investigations Into Harvard and Yale

The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) announced yesterday that it would be launching investigations into the foreign gift reporting from Harvard and Yale universities. U.S. universities that receive foreign gifts valued at $250,000 or more are required by law to file a disclosure report with the DOE twice a year. Both Harvard and Yale are said to have failed in their […]

Prominent US Universities Failed to Disclose $1.3 Billion in Foreign Funding

Six prominent U.S. universities failed to report a combined total of 1.3 billion in foreign funding, according to the Department of Education (DOE). The universities named by the Department of Education were Georgetown, Texas A&M, Cornell, Rutgers, the University of Maryland and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). China, Qatar and Russia were some of […]

Trump’s U.N. Speech: 10 Important Moments

  President Trump’s speech at the United Nations is being rightly praised, with some even saying it is his best speech as commander-in-chief so far. Unlike the 9/11 addresses where the Trump Administration omitted any reference to radical Islam, this speech punched at the Islamist ideology and was also a powerful, pro-American presentation to the […]

FUQRA FILES EXCLUSIVE: FBI Links Jihadi Cult to Al-Qaeda

The Clarion Project has obtained newly-declassified FBI documents from 2003 revealing that the jihadist cult Jamaat ul-Fuqra, also known as Muslims of America (MOA), had ties with al-Qaeda in Pakistan. The group is best known for its network of about 22 Islamist compounds on American soil. The disclosures come on the heels of the release […]

ISIS Suspect Linked to ‘Moderate’ U.S. Islamist Org., Mosque

Earlier this month, the FBI arrested Erick Jamal Hendricks of Charlotte, N.C. for conspiring to develop an ISIS sleeper cell and attack U.S. troops. He was the youth coordinator for a mosque that belongs to the “moderate” Islamic Circle of North America. Hendricks is proclaiming his innocence and says he publicly and privately condemned ISIS […]

Why is a Congressman Defending the Fuqra Islamist Cult?

Jamaat ul-Fuqra (now known as Muslims of the Americas) is a cultish Islamist group with a history of criminal and terrorist activity that is eager to give its image a makeover. It has a surprising advocate assisting that endeavor: Congressman Mick Mulvaney (R-SC). The group’s extremism has been repeatedly documented by the Clarion Project. Mulvaney […]

Exclusive: ‘I was Raised by an Islamist Terror Cult in America’

The Clarion Project has been in contact with a woman who grew up within Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a cultish Sufi Islamist terrorist group that now goes by the name of Muslims of the Americas. The group is best known for establishing “Islamic villages” on U.S. soil, for example, its “Islamberg” headquarters in New York state. She […]

CAIR Tries to Deceive About Somali Terror Recruits

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood front designated by the United Arab Emirates as a terrorist group, was asked by FOX News about Islamist terrorist recruitment among Somalis in Minnesota. CAIR’s answer, which appeared in a TV segment that included the Clarion Project, was almost comically deceptive. The segment hosted by […]

Christie: Hamas-Linked Mosque “Not Radical Jihadists”

GOP presidential candidate New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is still praising a Hamas-linked mosque in his state, saying, “The folks in the local mosque in Paterson, the ones I interact with, they are not radical Islamic jihadists.” He is referring to the Islamic Center of Passaic County—and he’s praised its imam for years even though […]

Kent State Honored Prof After His Support for Terror Known

The Kent State University student newspaper recently reported that a terrorism-supporting professor, Julio Pino, received two Faculty Excellence Awards in 2003 and 2010. His open support for terrorism, specifically suicide bombings in Israel, became known in 2002. In the years after, he was even linked to a website dedicated to assisting Al-Qaeda and other terrorists […]

How the Paris Attacks Increase the Threat to America

The coordinated attacks in Paris and suspected Islamic State bombing of a Russian airliner raises the risk that Islamic State supporters in the U.S. and other Western countries will spur into action. The opening of a new phase in Islamic State (ISIS) terror will also result in a fresh wave of recruits radicalized by the […]

CAIR Denounces US Military on Memorial Day

The Clarion Project broke the story last year that two Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) officials were criticizing Memorial Day, resulting in FOX News coverage and expressions of outrage from Muslims who appreciate the sacrifices of U.S. soldiers. CAIR officials again criticized the holiday this year. CAIR is a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity that was […]

Bush Was to Meet Muslim Brotherhood Affiliates on 9/11

The Clarion Project has received White House documents that show that President Bush was scheduled to meet with Islamists linked to the Muslim Brotherhood on September 11, 2001. In a remarkably ironic turn of events, it was Islamist terrorism that stopped the meeting with Islamist radicals at the White House from happening. We have published […]

Bush was to Meet Muslim Brotherhood Affiliates on 9/11

The Clarion Project has received White House documents that show that President Bush was scheduled to meet with Islamists linked to the Muslim Brotherhood on September 11, 2001. In a remarkably ironic turn of events, it was Islamist terrorism that stopped the meeting with Islamist radicals at the White House from happening. The never-before-published documents […]

Islamists Featured at Countering Violent Extremism Summit

President Obama said at the White House Countering Violent Extremism Summit that the West must promote Muslim leaders who counter the extremist narratives that cause terrorism and radicalization. The administration did not follow its own advice. The Summit featured Islamists known for preaching those same themes that the White House cited as part of the […]

Al Shabaab Threatens ‘Westgate’ Attack in USA, UK Malls

Al-Qaeda’s branch in Somalia, Al-Shabaab, has released a new video threatening U.S. shopping malls, especially those owned by Jews, specifically Mall of America in Minnesota, West Edmonton Mall in Canada, Oxford Street in London and Westfield shopping centers. The video is well-produced and runs one hour and 15 minutes. It is titled, “The Westgate Siege: […]

Muslim Brotherhood Founded 50% of the Mosques in the West

A prominent Muslim leader in the United Kingdom with links to the Muslim Brotherhood estimates that half of the mosques in the West were founded by Brotherhood members. The Brotherhood presents itself as moderate, but it supports violent jihad and is the parent organization of Hamas. The estimate was made by Mohamed Ashmawey, CEO of […]

Exclusive: Terror Org. Harbored by Pakistani Gov’t Now Backs ISIS

The Clarion Project has learned from a first-hand source in Pakistan that the leader of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, a major terrorist group harbored by the Pakistani government, expressed support for the Islamic State in a recent sermon. The story breaks as Pakistani embassy is condemning the television show Homeland for depicting Pakistani government officials as complicit in […]

Largest Islamic Charity Sends Millions to Hamas Yearly

Islamic Relief Worldwide, the largest Muslim charity in the world with a branch in America, has announced that an independent audit has cleared it of terrorism ties. The United Arab Emirates and Israel stand by their accusations, with the latter saying that IRW sends “millions” to Hamas annually. In July, Israel banned IRW from the […]

White House Label of Brotherhood as Non-Violent Patently False

The White House has rejected a request to label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, describing the group as non-violent. The statement is not only at odds with known facts; it’s at odds with statements made by the White House only one year ago. The White House statement came in response to a petition […]

The Islamic State Seeks the Battle of the Apocalypse

The gruesome video released by the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) emphasizes that the beheading of Peter Kassig took place in the town of Dabiq, Syria. The town was chosen because of its significance in Islamic end-of-time prophecies about the time when the Mahdi and (the Islamic version of) Jesus will bring victory over those […]

CAIR Protests Designation as Terrorist Group

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, Muslim American Society (CAIR) and Islamic Relief Worldwide, the parent organization of Islamic Relief USA, are protesting the United Arab Emirates after the Muslim-majority country banned them alongside 80 other groups including the Muslim Brotherhood. The United Arab Emirates banned the Muslim Brotherhood, as Egypt and Saudi Arabia have done, […]

United Arab Emirates Bans CAIR as Terrorist Group

The United Arab Emirates has joined Egypt and Saudi Arabia in listing the Muslim Brotherhood as a banned terrorist group with 81 other groups, including many Brotherhood affiliates. The list includes two U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entities and one British group with a branch in America: the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim American Society […]

Congressional Candidates Receive Money from Islamists

The Islamist Money in Politics project has identified 11 candidates — two Republicans and nine Democrats — who received campaign donations this year from Islamists. The project concludes that prominent Islamists have given at least $700,000 to federal candidates over the past 15 years, including $85,451 to presidential campaigns. The figures are probably only a […]

America’s “Most Influential Muslim” Endorses Sharia Law

This year’s issue of The Muslim 500 names Sheikh Hamza Yusuf as the most influential Muslim-American. He is often portrayed as a moderate, but he recently endorsed Sharia governance and heads an Islamist college in California with extremist faculty. Yusuf is ranked as the 35th most influential Muslim in the world by the publication. He […]

CAIR Trains Minnesota Law Enforcement Despite FBI Ban

Minnesota law enforcement was trained by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity, along with other Muslim groups on September 24. The day-long seminar took place even though official Justice Department and FBI policy bans the use of CAIR as an outreach partner. The Justice Department says that CAIR is an […]

Muslim American Orgs. Must Condemn Islamism Not Just ISIS

The Muslim-American community, including organizations with radical histories, swiftly and unequivocally condemned the Islamic State terrorist group (formerly and commonly known as ISIS). These statements are welcome, but they need to go further and challenge the Islamist basis of the group and those like it. The vast majority of condemnations of the Islamic State focus […]

CAIR’s Use of Lawfare, Threats Shut Down Discourse in U.S.

Deborah Weiss, esq. is an expert in the Islamist tactic of pushing blasphemy laws under the guides of “combating defamation of religions,” as detailed in her previous interview with the Clarion Project. She writes for several online publications and was the primary writer and researcher for a new book, The Council on American-Islamic Relations: Its […]

Islamists Pressure FBI to Drop Training on Muslim Brotherhood

A political alliance of 75 organizations led by Islamist supporters has published a letter demanding the removal of “anti-Muslim” material from FBI training. This purported objective is incontestable, but the thinly concealed objective is to end instruction about the Muslim Brotherhood in America. The letter refers to legitimately offensive instances of anti-Muslim content in FBI […]

Radicalization in US: First Americans Killed Fighting for ISIS

The U.S. government has confirmed that Douglas McAuthur McCain has become the first American to die fighting alongside the Islamic State. Now, a second American, Abdirahmaan Muhumed, has been killed in Syria. The two died in the same fighting near Aleppo against rival rebel forces. Muhumed is a Somali-American from Minneapolis, Minnesota. A news outlet […]

Michigan Governor to Speak at Extremist Islamist Conference

Republican Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder will be giving the opening remarks for the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) conference on Friday, August 29. ISNA has Muslim Brotherhood origins and a lineup of Islamist speakers. Former President Carter is the keynote speaker. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) and former U.S. ambassador to Syria Robert Ford […]

U.S. Links Iran to Both Al-Qaeda and Taliban Terrorists

The U.S. Treasury Department is again linking the Iranian regime to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. On August 21-22, it sanctioned several terrorists and disclosed their Iranian ties. Yet again, it is confirmed that Shiite and Sunni terrorists are willing to cooperate against common enemies. An August 22 press release announces the sanctioning of Abdul Mohsen […]

Islamist Terror Behind Murder of 4 in Seattle, NJ

Ali Muhammad Brown, the radical Muslim accused of murdering four people near Seattle and in New Jersey, has confessed and said the acts were retaliation for U.S. foreign policy. This is no longer solely an Islamist hate crime; it’s an act of Islamist terrorism. It is now believed that Brown’s murder spree began on April […]

Americans Arrested for Financing Al-Shabaab Somali Terror Group

The U.S. Justice Department has announced that two American residents have been arrested for financing al-Shabaab, Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Somalia. A third conspirator was arrested in the Netherlands and two others are wanted in Kenya and Somaliland. The defendants are facing up to 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each of the […]

Israel’s ‘FBI’ Links ‘Islamic Relief USA’ Charity to Hamas

The Israeli government has banned Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), a U.K.-based charity, for financing Hamas. Its American branch, Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA), is based in Virginia and, shockingly, its current CEO, Anwar Khan, is an advisor to the State Department as was its former CEO Abed Ayoub. President Obama has boasted of his administration’s work […]

CAIR Official Compares U.S. “Military Terrorism” to Taliban

Zahra Billoo, the executive director of the San Francisco chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), tweeted that she’s more outraged at the “U.S. military terrorism” than the Taliban. She is also one of the CAIR officials who questioned whether to honor U.S. soldiers around Memorial Day. The CAIR leadership has yet to publicly […]

Muslims Express Outrage Over CAIR’s Memorials Day Tweets

A number of Muslims are expressing their appreciation for U.S. soldiers and their outrage over comments made by Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) officials questioning whether to honor U.S. troops who gave their lives in wars they oppose. CAIR officials frequently depict American soldiers as murderers, imperialists and abusers of Muslims. The Muslim backlash was sparked […]

CAIR Officials on Memorial Day: Do U.S. Troops Merit Honor?

Virtually all Americans come together on Memorial Day to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the country’s freedom and safety. Two Council on American-Islamic Relations’ officials spent the holiday weekend differently: Questioning whether U.S. troops deserve to be honored and tweeting that the country was “established upon white supremacy.” The Council on American-Islamic […]

Post 9/11, U.S. Brotherhood Groups Receive Gov’t Funds

A review of federal spending by the Clarion Project found that the U.S. government has engaged in financial transactions with group with extremist backgrounds and Muslim Brotherhood links in the years since 9/11. The U.S. government website,, shows that the Defense Department had eight transactions with the Kansas chapter of the Muslim American Society […]

NY Arab Advocacy Group Funding Linked to Qatar

The Arab American Association of New York and its Executive Director, Linda Sarsour, lists the Qatar Foundation International second on its website’s list of supporters. The Foundation is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, including the Hamas-supporting Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi and the Islamist-allied Qatari government. Qatar Foundation International says it is “a U.S.-based member of Qatar […]

Longtime U.S. ‘Allies’ Qatar, Kuwait Prime Terror Financiers

David Cohen, the Treasury Department Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, has stated for the record what no other U.S. official would: Qatar and Kuwait, two supposed “allies” of the U.S., are facilitating Islamist terrorism and extremism. Last month, Cohen spoke at a think tank and immediately turned to Qatar after discussing Iran’s state […]

Afghan Troops Push Back Taliban for Successful Election

As unpopular as the war in Afghanistan is, the April 5 presidential election is a moment the West and Afghans can be proud of. The Afghan security forces prevented chaos and turnout was about 60% with one-third of voters being women. The frontrunner, Abdullah Abdullah, wants to immediately sign an agreement to keep U.S. troops […]

Progress in Afghanistan? What the Media Isn’t Reporting

Nolan Peterson is a freelance war correspondent. He previously was a U.S. Air Force special operations pilot and combat operations director in Iraq, serving over 250 hours of combat time in Iraq and Afghanistan. In an in-depth editorial published by the Daily Caller titled “The Afghan War is Not a Lost Cause,” Peterson explains how […]

Grover Norquist & Co. Build Islamist Influence in GOP

How the GOP Came to Embrace the Muslim Brotherhood Lobby Islamism is not a partisan issue. Special interests, major companies and foreign powers have long tried to affect both political parties—and the Muslim Brotherhood lobby is no different. Ten former senior officials, including a former CIA director, have issued a  joint statement with meticulous documentation […]

Checkmate: Iran and Assad’s Support of Al Qaeda

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is in a gory battle with Al-Qaeda and he’s waging it with help from his Iranian allies—but they are supporting Al-Qaeda at the same time. This contradiction is best explained by a sophisticated political strategy to position Assad as the better of two evils. The Assad regime in Syria has a […]

North Korea Doing Iran’s Nuclear Dirty Work

The West is expecting North Korea to soon conduct its fourth nuclear test and to launch a long-range ballistic missile in retaliation for joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises. How does Iran fit into this equation? The two rogue states share their technology and Iranian scientists have been reported at every single North Korean nuclear test. […]

McCain Lashes Out at Persecuted Syrian Christians

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) reportedly erupted at a private meeting with Syrian Christians after they complained about Islamist rebel attacks on churches and the Christian minority. The display prompted Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to apologize for McCain’s behavior. This is just the latest episode of McCain going to the bat for Islamists. The source that […]

U.S. Charter School of Influential, Turkish Islamist Raided by FBI

The FBI raided a Turkish-run charter school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana yesterday. No information has been given to the public except that there is no threat to public safety. The school is part of the network of Fethullah Gulen, a powerful Turkish Islamist residing in Pennsylvania. The search took place at Kenilworth Science and Technology […]

Egyptian Paper Names 30 Brotherhood Operatives in U.S.

One of Egypt’s most widely-read newspapers El-Watan has published a list of 30 alleged Muslim Brotherhood fronts and operatives in the U.S. that were tasked with winning public support for the Islamist group. Citing unnamed “informed sources,” journalist Ahmed al-Tahiri says the Muslim Brotherhood has a “lobby inside America.” Raymond Ibrahim translated the article verbatim. It […]

U.S. Professors Participate in Brotherhood-Linked Program

The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity based in Herndon, Virginia, held a summer internship for selected students that included instruction from U.S. professors. The Clarion Project has previously reported on how the Brotherhood front has gotten inside American academia. A 1991 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood memo identifies IIIT as one […]

Disturbing Facts About a Senior Homeland Security Adviser

The Clarion Project, the Center for Security Policy and the Institute on Religion and Democracy have published a shocking interview with Mohamed Elibiary, a senior Department of Homeland Security adviser. The Daily Caller reported on it yesterday. Elibiary is a member of the Secretary’s Homeland Security Advisory Committee and founder of Lone Star Intelligence LLC. […]

Why Senator McCain Hired Discredited Syrian Analyst

In the business world, a researcher like Elizabeth O’Bagy, who was fired for lying about her credentials and gave an unrealistically rosy assessment of the Syrian rebels (while doing business with those same rebels), would have trouble finding work. But the U.S. government isn’t a business. And so, Ms. O’Bagy, only days after being the […]

China Pursues Hardline Policies Against Muslim Minority

Gordon Chang is an expert on China and North Korea. He is a columnist at and blogs at World Affairs Journal. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of China. The following is Clarion Project National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro’s interview with Gordon Chang about the restive Muslim minority in China:   Ryan […]

Iran: Syrian War Fulfills End of Days Prophecy, Triumph of Iran

A Lebanese reporter for the Al-MonitorMiddle East news service explains that Iran and Hezbollah view the Syrian civil war not only in a strategic context, but in a prophetic one. In their belief, the radical Sunnis will conquer Syria for a short period of time and then Iranian forces will intervene on their way to destroying Israel. The […]

Influential U.S. ‘Expert’ Inflated Numbers of Syrian Moderates

The coverage of the downfall of Elizabeth O’Bagy, a very influential expert on Syria who was found to have lied about her credentials, is missing an important element: O’Bagy based her assessments on the notion that not all Islamists are enemies of the West. O’Bagy burst onto the scene as the leading Syria expert for […]

Moderate Muslims Oppose ‘Islamophobia’ Tactic

Islamists’ reflexively respond to criticism of their extremism by accusing their opponents of attacking their religion. This tactic has long been used in the Muslim world against fellow Muslims and, like the boy who cried wolf, it is largely brushed off. However, in the West, it still works—and that’s why moderate Muslim voices are speaking […]

Rouhani Appoints Former Executioner as Justice Minister

Iranian President Rouhani’s appointment of Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi as Justice Minister proves that Iran’s leader is no moderate. This was the warning provided to the Clarion Project by members of Iranian opposition groups and victims of Pour-Mohammadi who shared their personal stories with us. In 1988, Pour-Mohammadi oversaw the execution of over 30,000 political prisoners, according […]

Pakistan Running Influence Operations in the U.S.

You can say that the Russians, Saudis and Chinese run influence operations in the U.S. You can also say it about Pakistan—but if you it about the Muslim Brotherhood, then you’re an “Islamophobe.” The nonsense of this is illuminated when you look at Pakistan’s massive influence campaign; a campaign that grew out of the Muslim […]

Not Too Fast: Morsi Downfall May Yet Herald Sharia for Egypt

The overthrow of Egyptian President Morsi is the biggest blow to the Muslim Brotherhood since its founding in 1928, but we mustn’t allow our joy to make us overlook one disappointing fact: The Defense Minister is widely reported to be an Islamist and the new “constitutional declaration” declares Sunni Sharia to be the “main source […]

Egyptian Revolution Triggers Unexpected Regional Realignment

The revolution (not a coup) that toppled Egyptian President Morsi isn’t just a decisive defeat for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt; it has triggered events that may signal a regional realignment. Just a month ago, the Muslim Brotherhood was ascending as it had never before; now it is in a downward spiral. The Muslim Brotherhood’s […]

Shahriar Kia: Democratic Islam for Iran

Shahriar Kia is a press spokesman for an Iranian opposition group housed at Camp Liberty in Iraq. Kia says the group, the People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI, also known as MEK), advocates for a democratic, secular Iran with separation of church and state and gender quality that is nuclear-free. He graduated from North Texas […]

Iranian Front Group Funded 30 Universities in U.S. & Canada

The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood isn’t the only Islamist group funding American universities. The Iranian regime has done the same thing on a massive scale through its New York-based front, the Alavi Foundation. The Foundation’s website openly lists 30 “academic institutions” in the U.S. and Canada it has awarded grants to. The Alavi Foundation is accused […]

Iran Linked to Al-Qaeda Bomb Plot in Toronto

Two individuals linked to the Al-Qaeda network in Iran have been arrested in Canada, foiling a plot to derail a train from New York to Toronto. Though Canadian officials and media reports emphasize that there’s no evidence tying the Iranian regime to the plot, the Obama Administration confirmed in 2011 that Iran and Al-Qaeda had […]

A Florida Megachurch Pastor’s Islamist Associations

Pastor Joel C. Hunter of Florida’s Northland Church is under fire for his stance against the state’s proposed legislation based on American Laws for American Courts. He chose a peculiar individual to help make his case: Atif Fareed, former chairman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Florida. The influence of Pastor Hunter is not to be […]

$200 Million U.S. Islamic Charity Linked to Muslim Brotherhood has discovered that four officials of Islamic Relief USA, a charity that reported a whopping $182 million in revenue in 2010, have Muslim Brotherhood ties. One appears to have been arrested in Egypt in 2009 and another has even defended Hamas as “freedom fighters.” previously documented IRUSA’s Islamist ties in an expose about […]

Expert: Islamist Org Working to Prohibit Criticism of Islam

Deborah Weiss, Esq. is an expert on the defamation of religions U.N. resolutions set forth by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.  She writes for several online news sites and is a contributing author of the book, Saudi Arabia and the Global Islamic Terrorist Network: America and the West’s Fatal Embrace.”  The following is National […]