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Honor Diaries

Honor Diaries features nine courageous women’s rights advocates with connections to Muslim-majority societies who are engaged in a dialogue about gender inequality. These women, who have

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Covert Cash

1 America was established on the foundations of freedom, democracy and civil rights. Its academic institutions should represent those values and teach them to their

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In the Middle East, the birthplace of Christianity, Christians and other minorities are being violently persecuted, driven out and wiped out. Even their places of

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Iran and Radical Islam

Iran’s nuclear program presents a threat to international stability. Yet successive American administrations—Republican and Democratic alike—have misread the intentions and actions of the Iranian regime.

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8 “Heart wrenching…I encourage everybody to see this film”-Kyra Phillips, Anchor, CNN Newsroom Obsession is a Clarion Project film about the threat of radical Islam

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Third Jihad

5 “If you think the threat of Radical Islam has subsided, see this film.”– Radio Host, Dennis Praeger The Third Jihad (2008), a Clarion Project

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