Clarion Intel Special: Explosive Testimony From Inside US Jihadi Cult

Article Source: rachel@shymanstrategies.com

Article Source: rachel@shymanstrategies.com

A chilling first-hand account
(Illustrative photo: Allef Vinicius/Unsplash)
(Illustrative photo: Allef Vinicius/Unsplash)

The Clarion Intelligence Network has obtained an explosive testimony from a former member of Jammat ul-Fuqra–now known as Muslims of the Americas (MOA)—an Islamist apocalyptic cult that claims to have 22 “Islamic villages” in the U.S. including its 70-acre “Islamberg” headquarters in upstate New York.

This member even went on a MOA trip to Pakistan to meet with their radical cleric, Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, and join with other terrorist groups for training arranged by the Pakistani government’s intelligence agency (ISI).

The testimony gives an unprecedented look inside the MOA cult and how terrorists groups backed by Pakistan are overseen and coordinated by the ISI intelligence service.


About the Fuqra Islamist Cult

Clarion Project previously published the only public testimony from a former MOA member in 2016.

That testimony, published as “Exclusive: I Was Raised by an Islamist Terror Cult in America,” is a jaw-dropping account of life inside the MOA cult in the 1980s and early 1990s.

This new testimony is from a member who belonged to MOA from around 1993 to 2002. It is the only public testimony by a member who went on one of their secretive trips to Pakistan.

MOA has continually been the subject of counter-terrorism and criminal investigations since its formation. Its 101-acre terrorist training camp in Colorado was raided in 1992 and found to have weaponry, including material for explosives, hidden in tunnels.

FBI documents from 2003 state that MOA operates a large network of front businesses, especially security companies, and has links to Al-Qaeda affiliates overseas. FBI documents from 2003-2007 said:

“The MOA [Fuqra] is now an autonomous organization which possesses an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and within the U.S.”

FBI documents from as late as December 2016, obtained by the Clarion Project, confirm that MOA engages in paramilitary training inside and outside of its “Islamic villages.” The FBI documents refer to MOA as being a “terrorist organization” that is “armed and dangerous.”

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed in 2017 that its investigation into MOA’s weapons trafficking and arming of felons is ongoing.

Though MOA is not known to be currently participating in attacks on U.S. soil, declassified documents and former MOA members say that a massive amount of money is going to Sheikh Gilani in Pakistan. Besides what Gilani most likely keeps for himself, a portion of the money is believed to be distributed to allied terrorist groups in Kashmir and perhaps elsewhere.

Unfortunately, President Trump’s Chief of Staff, former South Carolina congressman Mick Mulvaney, is the most high-profile defender of MOA.

Clarion Project has a special website, FuqraFiles.com, dedicated to studying Fuqra/MOA.


Breakthrough Testimony of “Abu Mansur”

The testimony of “Abu Mansur,” a member of the MOA cult for about nine years from around 1993 to 2002, is substantiated by current and former MOA-affiliated sources, declassified documents and extensive vetting.

This is the only first-hand, public testimony from a former MOA member who went on the group’s secretive trips to Pakistan and Kashmir and met Sheikh Gilani.

The testimony reveals:

  • What life is like inside the Islamist cult and its communes around the country
  • The human rights abuses that members experience including physical “discipline” like beatings and lashing, dividing families and the indoctrination and mistreatment of children
  • The basic paramilitary training that some MOA members receive in the U.S., Pakistan and Kashmir
  • The lavish lifestyle of its cult leader, Sheikh Gilani, at the expense of his followers who live in extreme poverty
  • How MOA was integrated into the network of jihadist groups backed by the Pakistani government’s intelligence agency

The entire testimony can be read by clicking here.



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