News Analysis

‘Light Them On Fire’: Bernie Sanders Organizer Wants Political Violence

Muslim Patrol: New Bill Could Fund Islamist Vigilante Groups

Kerry: ‘We Gave [Iran] a Little Bit of Money’

MSM: Propaganda Machine for the Iranian Regime

Iranian Protests Call for Resignation of Khamenei: “Death to Liars!”

Iran Launches Revenge Attack: a Deliberate Fail?

US Public School Teacher Threatens Muslim Girl for Taking Off Hijab

Hanukkah Greetings to Jews From … Who??!

CAIR Leads Fight for ‘Right’ of Universities to Promote Anti-Semitism

Pensacola Attack: The Terrorists Didn’t ‘Just Snap’

Linda Sarsour Compares Jews to White Supremacists

French Prosecutors Won’t Charge Jihadi Killer With Murder

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