Looters in Philly Invoke BLM

The Daily Mail
Article Source: The Daily Mail

Article Source: The Daily Mail

Store looted in the BLM riots in Philadelphia iin October, 2020 - Mark Makela/Getty Images
  • Looting broke out in Philadelphia, with masked individuals, including juveniles, stealing merchandise from various stores in Center City and other areas, leading to more than 20 arrests as police worked to restore order.
  • The looting occurred shortly after a judge dismissed murder charges against a former police officer who shot Eddie Irizarry, an armed Black driver. While the acting police commissioner stated that the looting was unrelated to the court ruling, looters attempted to connect their crimes to earlier Black Lives Matter demonstrations that took place after the dismissal.
  • Dayjia Blackwell, an Instagram influencer with 181,000 followers, urged her followers to gather on Walnut Street in downtown Philadelphia at 9 p.m. By 10 p.m., she was filming a mob looting Apple, Lululemon, Footlocker, and a liquor store. She confidently live-streamed the events, not realizing she would be arrested a few hours later.  Read More

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