Rabbi Leads Interfaith Effort to Rescue Afghans

Clarion Project
Article Source: Clarion Project

Article Source: Clarion Project

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Islamist & Anti-Muslim Extremism 

Rabbi Leads Interfaith Effort to Rescue Afghans

  • Clarion Project was featured in Gateway Pundit about its interfaith efforts to assist Afghans who are targeted by the Taliban. We estimate that we have helped get approximately 1,700 Afghans to safety, including Christians and Afghans who risked their lives fighting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
  • “The people facing the wrath of the Taliban and those like them are, in some sense, one people. So as Moses told Pharaoh to ‘Let my people go,’ we are similarly telling this Pharaoh, the Taliban, to let our people go,” Rabbi Richard Green, CEO of Clarion Project said.
  • The large number of antisemitic, anti-Muslim and Alt-Right comments under the article demonstrates how those forms of extremism must be taken seriously.
  • You can learn more, and you can still help our rescue efforts by donating here.

Exclusive: Grateful Afghans Help Find Terrorists in America

  • As a result of its efforts to save vetted, pro-American Afghans, Clarion Project has received intelligence tips from multiple Afghans concerned about Islamist extremism within the U.S.
  • These Afghans explained that they and other Afghans have been alarmed by the number of Islamist extremist, and particularly pro-Taliban, Americans on social media platforms. The Afghans provided Clarion Intelligence Network with specific information about Taliban sympathizers within the U.S., which has been passed to law enforcement.
  • One Afghan explained that he and other Afghans have long known about Islamist extremists operating in the U.S. and Europe but concluded that it was a waste of time to document these extremists and alert U.S. law enforcement because they believed the U.S. government wouldn’t do anything about it. They were happy to hear that Clarion Intelligence Network has responsive law enforcement contacts.

Other Anti-Muslim Extremism Developments

  • An anti-Muslim terrorist was sentenced to 53 years in prison for bombing the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minn. in 2017. The perpetrator created a paramilitary militia with at least two other defendants that was named “The White Rabbits.” The bombing resulted in major property damage, but no casualties. 

Alt-Right & Alt-Left Extremism

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Syracuse University Professor Calls 9/11 Terrorists “Social Justice Warriors”

  • A Syracuse University assistant professor of political science tweeted on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 that the hijackers were essentially social justice warriors and not terrorists. She said the correct understanding of the 9/11 attacks is that it is “an attack on the heteropatriarchal capitalistic systems that America relies upon to wrangle other countries into passivity. It was an attack on the systems many white Americans fight to protect.”

Other Alt-Left Developments

  • Mixed Martial Arts fighter Alana McLaughlin, who previously served in the U.S. military special forces in Afghanistan, stated that she is a member of the Antifa extremist movement. In a social media post, she showed herself wearing Antifa-branded attire and wrote that she is “your friendly neighborhood trantifa supersoldier.” 
  • Two Antifa-linked extremists in Washington state were convicted on federal terrorism charges for attempting to derail trains.

Alt-Right Developments

  • In Texas, an antisemitic extremist murdered a woman and injured her husband for their pro-Biden politics. The attack happened shortly after the presidential election. The extremist’s emails showed a strong belief in antisemitic conspiracy theories, stating that the pro-choice movement is part of a “Jewish Satanist Party” and abortions are “Jewish child sacrifice.”
  • racially motivated extremist in Maine was sentenced to three years in prison for a spree of three assaults against black men for their skin color. In 2018, the racist randomly attacked a Sudanese man and broke his jaw, and then attacked another nearby black man. He and a co-conspirator then drove to another location and broke another random black man’s jaw while making racial slurs.
  • In Colorado, a racially motivated extremist was sentenced to 16 years in prison for stabbing a random black man, causing life-threatening injuries. The attacker confirmed to police that he tried to kill the man for no other reason than being black.

Hostile Foreign Influence Operations

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Taliban Starting Up Influence Campaign in U.S.

  • The Taliban is now seeking to influence the U.S. government, private sector and public opinion by entering the world of special interests and lobbyists. The Taliban is reportedly offering a “lucrative contract” to lobbyists in Washington D.C. who will accept them as a client. 

Igor Fruman Pleads Guilty to Illegal Fundraising From Russian National

  • A politically influential New York-based businessman originally born in the Soviet Union pled guilty to soliciting illegal campaign contributions from Russia. Igor Fruman received $1 million from a Russian national to donate to political candidates that could help his associates’ legal marijuana business ventures. Fruman was known for his close ties to Rudy Giuliani (who hasn’t been accused of any wrongdoing in this case).