Emergency Afghan Rescue Campaign

Afghani gir's plea for help

The Afghans who helped U.S. forces are now, along with their families, under direct threat of torture, enslavement, and death at the hands of the Taliban, and you can help them.

Since the Taliban takeover, we have received hundreds of emails from Afghans who are desperately trying to get out of Afghanistan before the Taliban catch them. They’ve been sending us their heart-rending stories along with their passports and documentation of their involvement with the U.S., hoping that we can help them.

We joined forces with a hastily assembled team of volunteers that is handling the logistics of processing documentation from those in danger, staying in communication with them, and helping them find their way to safety before its too late.

The US government has unfortunately turned its back on these people who helped us, and they are now turning to us as their last hope for evading the horrors that the Taliban have in store for them.

Your tax-deductible (U.S.) donation will be used to pay for the expenses involved in getting these people out of Afghanistan and with their immediate needs as refugees.

Below are a small sampling of the stories that we have received in the last few days.

My name is XXX. I have been an employee of the Security Department of the Afghan Parliament for XXX years. My husband and I have been severely threatened by the Taliban since the Taliban entered Kabul. My husband’s name is XXX and he is the security deputy of Senator XXX. The Taliban used to look for my husband because everyone knew my husband, who is a senator’s security assistant and works in the government.
My husband and I have a two-month-old daughter named XXX. Because the Taliban are looking for government employees, especially security personnel, we left our house for fear of the Taliban and took refuge in a friend’s house. Please save our lives from humanity. We are really in danger and we have no way to escape.

Dear Sir,
This is XXX, an American permanent resident living in XXX, USA. I used to work with USAID in XXX as well as in Kabul from XXX to XXX. After several direct death threats to me and my family, the USAID Management transferred my job from XXX to Kabul.
My family members also were working with Americans and other INGOs before the government collapsed. As XXX is a small community and everyone somehow knows each other and news and information can be shared very easily. Since the Taliban took control, I feel totally lost and hopeless. I am the only person from my family who is living in the US and safe, but because of me working with the American Government and their jobs, they are not safe. They have adorable kids who unfortunately experienced war and hear gun fires instead of school bells. I have no idea what to do about my family and the danger that targets their lives. Please help and support me and my family.
The biggest problem is that my neighbors, relatives and others in contact with my family are a threat for them now, there is no trust for anyone, no one knows who is a Talib and who is a normal person.
In the past couple of days, my younger sister has been getting random phone calls with no answer. She is witnessing Taliban entering neighborhood houses and investigating people.
I’m so worried and it’s a nightmare for me to witness my family who used to help Americans and other INGOs in Afghanistan with no hope, scared and disappointed amongst the terrorist Taliban. I request you to please ask our troops and embassy to take them, at least my sisters, out of Afghanistan as they are in urgent need.

Dear Sir,
I am XXXfrom XXX. I have worked several years with international organizations in XXX, Afghanistan as a Translator and Interpreter. The organizations that I have served with include but are not limited to (USAID programs, GIZ, UNICEF, UNAMA, UNHCR, UNEP, Geres, IDLO, and CRS). Along with my work as interpreter and translator, I have joined actively and voluntarily with United States agencies in XXX. Now, due to rapid changes in Afghanistan, the Taliban threaten my family, especially my younger sister who has just graduated from high school to be kidnapped- The Taliban forced many Hazara girls to force marry with their soldiers and these cases happened in many Hazara places in the past one week. As a result my family is hidden for some time in Kabul until I find a way for them to escape. By replying to this email, I will share all my work certificates with US agencies and other important documents. Please!! I beg you to help my family in this hard situation.

My name is XXX. I’m a US citizen. My family’s life is in great danger. I need your assistance to help them evacuate. They have young children whose lives are in great danger by the Taliban. They will kidnap your children and take them in as sex slaves or marry them to the Taliban and kill the parents. I will take full responsibility for the families once they have arrived in the US.

Dear sir,
I served as an Interpreter/Translator with the United States Army, XXX Division and experienced this horrendous situation. My brother and his wife are nowhere to be found after the Taliban took over the province of Helmand. My three nieces have fled their hometown and are currently resident in Kabul. The Taliban has ordered their troops to search door to door, in order to locate individuals and their families that had previously worked with the United States or its Allies. I am requesting an evacuation plan as soon as possible for my three nieces since they are situated with an unfortunate fear of their lives.

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To whom it may concern,
My name is XXX , I am from Afghanistan, I am translator in XXX and English Editor of XXX Newsletter. My life and my family’s life is highly in danger and we cannot live in this situation, what will be our future, what will happen to us, I don’t think that our lives will be safe, and there is no hope for Afghanistan especially for us, for the women that worked and that are highly educated.
We are four: me, my husband, and my two daughters. My husband is also a journalist and I have graduated from Kabul University. Our life is in high danger. We beg you to help us and to save our lives.

I was a STR analyst in the Center of Afghanistan. I am at a high level of risk. I am the only woman that worked in the mentioned position in Afghanistan. During my job I have done some activities that had a negative effect on Taliban. I have lots of reasons which can prove that my life is at high risk. I am married and I have two small kids. Please please and please help us. Me, my husband and my kids are at risk. I will be killed by Taliban.

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,
I am XXX, Mayor of XXX province of Afghanistan and currently residing herein. As you are aware that there has been a massive crisis of tremendous proportion in Afghanistan and Taliban has come to power after the fall of Ghani government, my family and I are under constant threat to life.

From the last few days, my wife and children have been in extreme psychological trauma, being unable to move out of home living in persistent fear of being killed. I feel deeply grieved and helpless as I see my little children scared and suffering. It seems we are awaiting our death.

I am XXX. I live and work in Kabul. Despite many threats, I continued my work and efforts to inform the People of Afghanistan, working in various media outlets in Kabul, and now I am a reporter for XXX. For the first time in XXX, I was targeted by one of the fundamentalist and terrorist groups. I was waiting for the car to get out of the office on the roads, and all of a sudden, the terrorists attacked me. I was facing a serious problem from the neck, and my neck was broken and my whole body was fractured. I spent five days in a coma at a private hospital in Kabul. I am not totally recovered but still I have continued my work in the media. Considering this fact, I have a serious problem with the Taliban. Me and my family are completely in danger.

With the Taliban coming to Afghanistan and their sovereignty in cities, my life is in grave danger. Therefore, I call on the government of your country to investigate the matter to save my life and that of my family.

Dear Sir,
I am a criminal police officer, a graduate of the Police Academy Command and I have been serving in the system for XXX years. I have worked in various military and legal departments, especially human rights of the Ministry of Interior. I have been working as a director of the fight against crime in different areas of Kabul for four years. My duty was to fight organized and dangerous terrorist criminals. Also I was one of the leaders of the only civil movement of young people who fought against suicide bombing, injustice, corruption and monopoly of the Ashraf Ghani government and Taliban actions against humanitarian life and the government in Kabul. These civil actions increased the risk to me and my family.
But now the situation in Kabul is not good. The government fell, the current system is in the hands of our enemy. Our lives are in serious danger here and we do not have security, we want to leave Kabul and become refugees.

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