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The Threats of ExtremistsWho
Threaten the Safety and Security of America


extremist threats via our Extremist Roundup newsletter, a weekly digest of the most important stories about Islamic extremism, alt-right extremism, alt-left extremism, school threats, hate crimes, and hostile foreign influence campaigns that threaten our safety. We have also produced a library of feature documentary films and short films that will help you understand these threats in more detail.


extremist threats via our Clarion Intelligence Network (CIN), a division of the Clarion Project that identifies and monitors online extremism. The CIN team uses state-of-the-art open-source intelligence technology to identify extremists of all stripes and gives the information to the proper authorities.

CIN triages and evaluates thousands of social media posts from individuals glorifying or inciting violence. We work to get these posts removed and the accounts deactivated. By reducing the "radicalization funnel," we make it harder for young people to become radicalized online.

CIN also contributes to Clarion Project’s public in-depth reports and analyses, which are often used to brief policymakers and law enforcement personnel.

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