Judge Sentences San Diego Antifa

Courthouse News Service
Article Source: Courthouse News Service

Article Source: Courthouse News Service

Counter-protesters carrying ANTIFA flags,waiting to confront demonstrators for a "Patriot March" on January 9, 2021 in San Diego - PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images
  • Multiple left-wing protesters received sentences of up to two years in jail for their involvement in violent clashes with right-wing protesters in San Diego’s Pacific Beach in 2021. Jeremy White and Brian Lightfoot received the maximum sentences.
  • Judge Daniel Goldstein stated the trial confirmed to him that Antifa operates as an organized group.
  • The clashes occurred during a “patriots march” rally organized by Trump supporters three days after the January 6th Capitol riot.
  • The defendants argued they acted in self-defense and were protecting First Amendment rights. Read More

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