Aryan Knights Arrested for Attacking Corrections Officers at Hospital

Article Source: KTVB 7

Article Source: KTVB 7

Skylar Meade (L), Nicholas Umphenour (C) and Tonia Huber booking photos - Twin Falls County Jail via KTBV 7 screenshot
  • Nicholas Umphenour and Skylar Meade, members of the Aryan Knights, a white supremacist gang in Idaho’s prisons since the mid-1990s, were arrested after 36 hours on the run following an ambush at an Idaho hospital. An accomplice, Tonia Huber, was also arraigned. 
  • The ambush injured three corrections officers, led to a manhunt, and spawned two homicide investigations.
  • The Aryan Knights focuses on criminal activities for white inmates. The gang, involved in drug trafficking and violence, has been described by prosecutors as a significant threat within the prison system. Read More

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