12-Year-Old Arrested for Threat to Massachusetts School

WWLP.com 22 News
Article Source: WWLP.com 22 News

Article Source: WWLP.com 22 News

Guns found in Springfield, Mass., home after school threat - via Springfield Police Department official website screenshot
  • Police arrested Ramon Gonzalez, 24, and Nathan Gonzalez, 20, along with a mother, Lilly Casanova, 40, who will be criminally charged after her 12-year-old made an alleged school threat and police seized two guns from her home in Springfield, Mass.
  • According to police, Casanova refused to allow detectives to search her home after they received information that a 12-year-old allegedly said they had access to a gun and would bring it to school and use it, forcing police to obtain a search warrant. Read More

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