Anti-Israel Demonstrators Arrested

NBC 5 Chicago
Article Source: NBC 5 Chicago

Article Source: NBC 5 Chicago

Anti-Israel Protest, Niles, IL - NBC 5 Chicago Video Screenshot
  • Nearly 100 youth-led anti-Israel protestors demonstrated outside Woodward, an aerospace manufacturer in Niles, Ill., citing the company’s production of parts used in military equipment for Israel.
  • Activists called for an end to Woodward’s manufacturing for military aid to Israel. Woodward stated a small portion of their business involves indirectly supplying the U.S. government with subsystems for military equipment but is not involved in policy decisions regarding the use of such equipment.
  • Protestors blocked entrances to Woodward for over six hours, resulting in the arrest of 33 people by Niles police for unlawful assembly. Read More

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