NYU Professor Suspended for Defending Hamas

The NY Post
Article Source: The NY Post

Article Source: The NY Post

NYU Professor denies Hamas atrocities - NY Post video screenshot
  • Amin Husain, an NYU adjunct professor and anti-Israel activist, spoke at a “teach-in,” dismissing allegations of Hamas beheading Israeli babies as untrue and denouncing New York City as “Zionist.”
  • The video of the event, held at The New School, shows Husain defending Palestinians’ right to fight for liberation and downplaying claims of Hamas atrocities. He mocked a petition calling for his firing and claimed honors for being labeled antisemitic.
  • Outrage from the Jewish community followed, condemning Husain’s statements as anti-Jewish. NYU suspended Husain, stating he is no longer teaching, and The New School disassociated from him, emphasizing that antisemitism has no place on their campus.  Read More

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