Foreign-Influenced Corporations Pouring Money into State Elections

Open Secrets
Article Source: Open Secrets

Article Source: Open Secrets

  • A report by the organization OpenSecrets reveals the escalating influence of foreign-influenced companies in U.S. state-level elections, analyzing disclosed corporate contributions in six key states: Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New York, and Washington.
  • Between the start of the 2018 election cycle and the end of 2022, foreign-influenced companies contributed over $163 million to political committees in the mentioned states. The top 33 foreign-influenced companies, including Altria, BP, and Coca-Cola, collectively contributed about $134.0 million.
  • The report emphasizes the need for transparency and regulatory measures to address challenges posed by foreign-influenced corporate political contributions, pointing to legislative efforts to restrict such influence in state or local elections.  Read More

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