New FBI Report Shows Alarming Increase of Hate Crime at Schools

CBS News
Article Source: CBS News

Article Source: CBS News

A University of Washington student demonstrates at the We Are Not Silent rally in Bellevue, Wash., March 2021, after an Atlanta shooting rampage that left six Asian women dead - Jason Redmond / AFP via Getty Images
  • A newly released FBI report indicates that 10 percent of reported hate crimes in 2022 occurred at schools or on college campuses.
  • Over 30 percent of juvenile victims of hate crimes were targeted at schools, with elementary and secondary schools being the most common locations.
  • The most frequent motivation for hate crimes at schools was anti-Black bias, followed by anti-Jewish and anti-LGBT (mixed group) biases.
  • The report highlights the need for analyzing commonalities in reported hate crimes at schools to develop strategies for prevention and mitigation.  Read More

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