Arson at Construction Site Tied to Atlanta’s Cop City

Rough Draft Atlanta
Article Source: Rough Draft Atlanta

Article Source: Rough Draft Atlanta

  • Construction equipment at a town-home site, associated with building Atlanta’s public safety training center known as “Cop City,” was targeted in an arson attack.
  • The Atlanta police and fire departments, along with the GBI, FBI, and ATF, are collaborating to investigate the incident, which involved burning four pieces of large construction equipment. No injuries were reported, and the fires have been extinguished.
  • Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum stated that this arson is part of dozens of attacks against construction companies involved in building the public safety training center.
  • Despite the attacks, construction is progressing, and the 85-acre complex is expected to be completed by December, and operational in January 2025.  Read More

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