Jordanian Arrested After Assaulting Israel Supporter

The Post Millennial
Article Source: The Post Millennial

Article Source: The Post Millennial

  • Shadi Abu Sammour, an anti-Israel demonstrator, was charged with robbery and assault after allegedly hitting a female pro-Israel counter-protestor in the face with a megaphone during an altercation at a Jacksonville, Fla., rally.
  • The incident occurred during a protest in the city’s Five Points neighborhood, where Sammour reportedly grabbed the counter-protestor’s megaphone, struck her with it, and threw it into the St. Johns River before brandishing a firearm.
  • Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office emphasized the importance of peaceful expression of free speech but intervened when criminal actions occurred, leading to the arrest of Sammour, who had a history of posting anti-Israel content on social media and is originally from Jordan. READ MORE

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