Feds Arrest Neo-Nazi Cult Leader

Business Insider
Article Source: Business Insider

Article Source: Business Insider

  • Kalana Limkin, leader of a racist pedophile cult, was arrested in Hawaii following a seven-month FBI investigation into a network spreading neo-Nazi ideology and exploiting children.
  • Limkin admitted to creating “Cultist,” a group targeting children, using Discord and Telegram to share extreme content, including child sexual abuse material, to desensitize and groom minors for future violence.
  • The cult is an offshoot of the satanic anarchist organization “764,” which follows The Order of Nine Angles (O9A), advocating societal destruction through criminal acts, violence, and terrorism.
  • Limkin faces charges for posting child sexual abuse material on Discord, exploiting a minor, and possessing child pornography. The FBI had warned about groups like “764” targeting youth online.  Read More

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