Poll Finds Alarming Level of Holocaust Denial Among Young Voters

New York The Sun
Article Source: New York The Sun

Article Source: New York The Sun

  • A recent YouGov survey reveals that Holocaust denial is not confined to a specific demographic but is found across various political affiliations and demographics.
  • The poll indicates that 10 percent of Democrats, 7 percent of liberals, and 14 percent of people in urban areas deny the Holocaust, while 5 percent of Republicans and 5 percent in rural areas hold similar views.
  • Among young voters (18-29 years old), 20 percent agreed that the Holocaust is a myth, with 26 percent expressing apathy by neither agreeing nor disagreeing.
  • The article emphasizes that confronting Holocaust denial is crucial, especially as it appears among the youth and across political spectrums, urging the left to address the issue similar to the right’s historical efforts.  Read More

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