Congress Tightens Foreign Funding Reporting Requirements

Article Source: AIP

Article Source: AIP

House Education and Workforce Committee Chair Virginia Foxx (R-NC) speaks on Dec. 6 in favor of legislation to expand disclosure requirements for universities receiving foreign funding - House floor video via American Institute of Physics FYI screenshot
  • A bill introducing new reporting requirements for universities and academics receiving foreign financial support passed the House by a vote of 246-170.
  • The Defending Education Transparency and Ending Rogue Regimes Engaging in Nefarious Transactions Act would lower the current reporting threshold from $250,000 to $50,000 for funding from most countries, with a $0 threshold for “countries of concern” such as China and Iran.
  • In addition to lowering minimum reporting thresholds, the bill “closes loopholes that allow foreign entities to hide the true origin or purpose of their gifts. Every disclosure must include the intended purpose, dates, and person at the institution responsible for accepting the gift.”  Read More
  • The Clarion Project played an instrumental role in exposing the danger of the tens of billions of dollars being given to leading universities by authoritarian nations that are hostile to the U.S. through the Covert Cash documentary.

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