Café Workers Fired for Confrontation Over Antisemitic Graffiti

CBS News
Article Source: CBS News

Article Source: CBS News

Customer taking picture of antisemitic graffiti at Farley’s East coffee shop, Oakland, Calif. - via CBSNews.com screenshot
  • Three workers at Farley’s East coffee shop in Oakland, Calif., were fired after a confrontation with a customer over antisemitic graffiti found in the shop’s bathroom.
  • The incident involved the customer trying to take a picture of the graffiti, with employees blocking her access to the bathroom and making anti-Israel comments. A video captured the employees stating, “This is private property,” and making remarks about Israel, eventually allowing the woman into the restroom where she recorded the anti-Zionist messages written on the walls.
  • Following the controversy, three workers were fired and three quit, according to a statement from former and current baristas. The cafe remained closed for the weekend, and a statement posted on the window apologized for the incident.  Read More

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