Two Teens Arrested After Credible Threat to Pittsburgh School

CBS News
Article Source: CBS News

Article Source: CBS News

Pittsburgh Milliones University Prep High School - via Wikipedia
  • Two teenagers were arrested in Pittsburgh after videos surfaced on social media showing one of them posing with firearms and making threats against Pittsburgh Milliones University Preparatory School.
  • The investigation began on Nov. 20 when police responded to a report of a young man with a gun on campus, leading to a lockdown. The suspects were traced with the help of the ATF.
  • One suspect, 18-year-old Jackiel Young, was found in possession of a pistol with a 50-round drum magazine and a fully automatic switch for a Glock. The other suspect, a 17-year-old, was found with an AK-47 and two pistols. The threat was considered credible, but the suspects were stopped in the evening before reaching the school.  Read More

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