Antisemitic Littering Charges Dropped Against GDL Founder

WPTV 5 News
Article Source: WPTV 5 News

Article Source: WPTV 5 News

Joe Minadeo, leader of the Goyim Defense League at Nazi rally in Orlando, Florida -Stephanie Keith/Getty Images
  • A littering charge against neo-Nazi founder of the Goyim Defense League, Jon Minadeo, in West Palm Beach has been dropped. Minadeo was accused of distributing antisemitic literature in March, and police found him and others tossing such materials from a truck.
  • The charge was dropped after Minadeo’s attorney presented video footage that reportedly showed Minadeo only documenting littering offenses by co-defendants, leading to a lack of evidence against him.
  • Despite the dropped littering charge, Minadeo had previously been found guilty of a similar offense, resulting in a 30-day jail sentence earlier in the month.  Read More

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