Russian Propaganda Inserts Fringe Views Into US Mainstream

VOA News
Article Source: VOA News

Article Source: VOA News

A screen shot of Russia's RIA Novosti website, a state-owned outlet that picks up fringe content and out-of-context headlines from U.S. media to bolster Kremlin narratives - via VOA News screenshot
  • Russian state-run outlets are selectively using U.S. content to support Kremlin narratives, manipulating headlines and framing fringe figures as representative of broader American views.
  • The strategy involves highlighting figures that amplify anti-Western, anti-Israel, and anti-Ukrainian narratives, reaching millions of views on Russian search engines.
  • Fringe commentators, regardless of their actual influence in the U.S., are presented as influential bloggers or journalists, contributing to the appearance of greater support for fringe views.
  • Outlets like The Grayzone are exploited by Russian state media, with stories circulating between Russian and U.S. organizations, contributing to the credibility of the narratives promoted by the Kremlin.  Read More

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