Texas Shooter Was on Terror Watch List

The Daily Mail
Article Source: The Daily Mail

Article Source: The Daily Mail

Senior Police Officer Jorge Pastore - Austin Police Department
  • The gunman who killed a Texas SWAT officer and two hostages was identified as Ahmed Mohamed Nassar, armed with a rifle, wearing body armor, and barricaded in a bedroom during the standoff.
  • A search warrant revealed that authorities believed the gunman might have been making bombs. Cutting instruments, body armor, and tactical gear were found to be worn or used by the suspect.
  • Senior Officer Jorge Pastore was killed in the incident, and another officer was wounded when SWAT members confronted Nassar, who opened fire.
  • The FBI had previously visited the home, and the suspect was on the terror watch list. The search warrant listed items investigators were looking for, including body armor, firearms, ammunition, explosive devices, and bomb-making materials.  Read More

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