Ohio Man Arrested for Faking Anti-Palestinian Hate Crime

WKYC 3 Studios
Article Source: WKYC 3 Studios

Article Source: WKYC 3 Studios

Hesham Ayyad, 20, charged with lying to police about being the victim of an anti-Palestinian hate crime - North Ridgeville Police Department via New York Post screenshot
  • Hesham A. Ayyad is facing multiple misdemeanor charges after allegedly faking a hate crime near North Ridgeville, Ohio.
  • Hesham Ayyad claimed he had been hit by a car driven by a man who yelled “Kill all Palestinians,” but police investigations revealed he fabricated the entire story.
  • Surveillance video and further inquiry showed that Ayyad was not struck by a vehicle or subjected to racial slurs; instead, he was injured during an earlier fight with his brother, Khalil A. Ayyad.
  • Both brothers were arrested and charged with domestic violence and assault, with Hesham Ayyad facing additional charges of making false alarms, falsification, and obstructing official business.  Read More

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