China Using Disinformation Operation to Harass Americans

CNN News
Article Source: CNN News

Article Source: CNN News

Montage of harassing social media posts sent to Chinese American citizens - CNN investigative report via CNN screenshot
  • The Chinese government has established the world’s largest online disinformation operation, targeting U.S. residents, politicians, and businesses, according to court documents and social media disclosures.
  • The disinformation campaign, known as “Spamouflage” or “Dragonbridge,” employs hundreds of thousands of accounts across major social media platforms to harass and intimidate individuals critical of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
  • Victims face thousands of social media posts, including threats and personal attacks, with the goal of instilling fear and paranoia. The Chinese government aims to shape the global information environment and silence critics through this multi-billion-dollar effort.
  • While tech and social media companies have taken down thousands of accounts associated with Spamouflage, new accounts continue to emerge, making it challenging to curb the disinformation campaign. The CCP uses evolving tactics, including spreading negative content about the Biden administration, promoting divisive messages on global issues, and attempting to manipulate public perceptions.  Read More

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