Undisclosed Foreign Funding of Universities May Be Fueling Antisemitic Hatred on Campus

Network Contagion Research Institute
Article Source: Network Contagion Research Institute

Article Source: Network Contagion Research Institute

Pro-Palestine rally at Harvard University on October 14, 2023, in wake of the Hamas massacre of Israeli Jews on October 7 - Joseph Prezioso / AFP via Gety Images
  • Unreported foreign funding of U.S. universities by Qatar and other authoritarian governments is linked to higher levels of campus antisemitism and a decline in free-speech norms, according to a recent study by the Network Contagion Research Institute.
  • The study, The Corruption of the American Mind – How concealed foreign funding of U.S. higher education predicts erosion of democratic values and antisemitic incidents on campus, is based on earlier research revealing the billions of dollars of previously undisclosed gifts to American universities from countries that are actively hostile to the U.S. and to freedom and democracy in general.
  • The study found a strong correlation between the universities that received the most foreign funding and the universities where there was the most suppression of free speech and the highest  prevalence of antisemitism.  Read More
  • The Clarion Project produced a ground-breaking film that exposes the billions of dollars of undisclosed funding from countries hostile to freedom and democracy.  WATCH NOW 

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