Florida Man Assaults Muslim Postal Worker

CNN News
Article Source: CNN News

Article Source: CNN News

  • Kenneth Jerome Pinkney, 47, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., allegedly made a shooting gesture, verbally abused, and physically attacked a Muslim U.S. Postal Service worker on October 24.
  • Pinkney reportedly told the victim to “go back to her country,” ripped off her hijab, and slapped and punched her while making derogatory comments.
  • The victim suffered injuries, including bleeding from her mouth and scratches on her face. Pinkney attempted to grab her leg as she sought refuge in her postal truck.
  • Pinkney faces charges of battery and a felony hate crime for evidencing prejudice based on the victim’s ancestry, religion, and national origin. The court ordered a mental health screening for Pinkney.  Read More

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