Fistfights Outside Holocaust Museum

Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Article Source: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Article Source: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Plaque outside of LA Angeles Holocaust Museum - AFP PHOTO / Mark RALSTON via Getty Images
  • Fistfights erupted outside a Holocaust museum in Los Angeles during a screening of “Bearing Witness,” a compilation of footage from Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israelis.
  • Pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrated against what they called a “Gal Gadot military propaganda video,” leading to clashes with pro-Israel protesters.
  • The far-left group J-Town Action and Solidarity was among those who shared the location of the screening ahead of time.
  • The film, created by the Israel Defense Forces, aims to prove the occurrence of Hamas atrocities, but critics argue it is used to justify Israel’s actions in Gaza. The screening involved prominent Jewish and Israeli industry figures. Gadot was not present.  Read More

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