Neo-Nazis Group Leader Arrested for Antisemitic Littering

The Times of Israel
Article Source: The Times of Israel

Article Source: The Times of Israel

Joe Minadeo, leader of the Goyim Defense League rallies with another neo-Nazi group Blood Tribe on Sep. 2, 2023 in Orlando, Florida -Stephanie Keith/Getty Images
  • Jon Minadeo II, the founder of the Goyim Defense League, has been sentenced to 30 days in jail in Florida. He was found guilty of littering in a jury trial.
  • The Goyim Defense League, founded in California in 2018, is known for distributing antisemitic flyers. In 2022, the group was responsible for nearly 500 incidents of antisemitic propaganda, according to the Anti-Defamation League, making it one of the most prominent American antisemitic groups.
  • Minadeo relocated to Florida, believing it would be more hospitable to his group’s operations. However, a new Florida state law, aimed at curbing neo-Nazi activity, makes it a felony to distribute hateful or intimidating materials on private property.  Read More

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