Hamas Child Soldiers

Israel National News
Article Source: Israel National News

Article Source: Israel National News

Hamas child soldier, posted by Hamas Ministry of Interior - Palestinian Media Watch via Israel National News screenshot
  • Hamas’s Ministry of Interior posted a photo of a child soldier, a boy of about five years old, dressed in full military attire and holding an actual automatic rifle.
  • The accompanying text in the post reads: “These are our lion cubs. We have brought them up in the love of Jihad and Shahada (martyrdom-death).”
  • This revelation highlights the indoctrination of children into extremist ideologies, similar to practices seen in other groups like ISIS and some factions within the Palestinian Authority. Read More
  • Clarion Project’s documentary Kids: Chasing Paradise exposes a global Islamic extremist infrastructure to radicalize youth, which the filmmakers describe as “the biggest child abuse network in the world.”

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