Russian Hackers Breached 632,000 DOJ and Pentagon Email Addresses

Article Source: Forbes

Article Source: Forbes

Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images
  • According to a new report by the Office of Personnel Management, approximately 632,000 email addresses of employees from the Justice and Defense departments were accessed in a hack earlier this year, adding to the series of data breaches attributed to a Russian-speaking criminal group.
  • The breach included email addresses, links to government employee surveys administered by the agency, and internal tracking codes. The hackers exploited a file transfer program, MOVEit, used by data firm Westat, which administers employee surveys for OPM.
  • The hack was considered a “major incident” by OPM but involved data of low sensitivity and was not classified. The breach has impacted various Defense Department officials and employees.  Read More

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