Judge Orders Release of Man Accused of ISIS-Inspired Truck Attack

Article Source: WUSA News

Article Source: WUSA News

Rondell Henry, 32 - Montgomery County Police Department, via WJLA News
  • A federal judge ordered the release of Rondell Henry, 32, of Germantown, Md., who pleaded guilty in August to attempting to perform an act of violence at Dulles International Airport in Virginia.
  • According to prosecutors, Henry abandoned his plan to plow a stolen U-Haul van into pedestrians at the airport because he didn’t think the early morning crowd was large enough.
  • Accepting terms recommended by both prosecutors and defense attorneys, the judge also sentenced Henry to lifetime supervised release with mandatory participation in a mental health treatment program.
  • Henry was charged in 2019 with attempting to provide material support to ISIS.  Read More

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