Neo-Nazis and Groups Linked to Al Qaeda Flood Social Media With Calls for Violence  

NBC News
Article Source: NBC News

Article Source: NBC News

Members of the NYPD patrol in front of a synagogue on October 13, 2023 in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn - Stephanie Keith/Getty Images
  • Hamas extremists are using social media platforms to call for attacks on Jewish communities and other targets in the U.S. and Europe, raising concerns among U.S. law enforcement agencies.
  • Groups linked to Al Qaeda and American neo-Nazis are seeking to exploit the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict to encourage attacks. They have issued calls for violent actions against Americans, Britons, French nationals, and Jewish and Arab Americans.
  • U.S. security agencies are monitoring a “heightened threat environment” and are particularly concerned about potential attacks on Jewish-Americans, as well as Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans.
  • Much of the threat today comes from individuals radicalized online, often operating as lone actors. Extremist content, especially praising the Hamas attacks, has surged online since the start of the conflict.  Read More

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