Minneapolis City Council Candidate Films Attack at Anti-Israel Protest

The Post Millennial
Article Source: The Post Millennial

Article Source: The Post Millennial

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  • An elderly man drove through an anti-Israel protest in Minneapolis, Minn., as the group blocked streets, with a local city council candidate, Zach Metzger, filming the incident and instructing the crowd to “hunt him down.” The video showed the mob attacking the man’s car and attempting to pull him out.
  • The mob surrounded the man’s vehicle, with one person jumping and kicking his window. The man was in distress, but he eventually freed himself and drove away, with the mob chasing after him.
  • Metzger, a Minneapolis City Council candidate, has made pro-Palestinian posts on social media and was seen at the scene of the protest. Despite some reports of a gunshot sound, no injuries related to a gunshot or the driving incident were reported.  Read More

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