California Neo-Nazi Gets Prison Time for Antisemitic Incident in Amsterdam

Article Source: KPBS

Article Source: KPBS

Flowers laid at the Anne Frank (1929-1945) statue near Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paulo Amorim/NurPhoto via Getty Images
  • Robert Wilson, a former resident of Chula Vista, Calif., was found guilty of projecting an antisemitic message onto the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and was sentenced to two months in prison. He had previously spent three months in jail while awaiting trial, so he won’t serve additional time.
  • The message displayed on the Anne Frank House suggested that Anne Frank couldn’t have written her diary because it was written in ballpoint pen, which was not widely used during World War II. This conspiracy theory has been debunked.
  • Wilson is associated with the Goyim Defense League, an antisemitic hate group that spreads false and hateful messages about Jewish people. He has been involved in various antisemitic incidents and was also charged with a hate crime in San Diego in 2021. While living in Poland, an image of Wilson holding an antisemitic sign outside the Auschwitz memorial went viral on the internet.  Read More

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