BLM Chapters Publicly Support Hamas

ABC 3340 News
Article Source: ABC 3340 News

Article Source: ABC 3340 News

BLM Protest in NYC against President Tump, July 2020 - Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images
  • Black Lives Matter Chicago publicly expressed support for Palestine amid the ongoing Israeli-Hamas conflict, sharing a photo of a Palestinian flag attached to a paraglider on Twitter.
  • BLM Chicago’s social media posts on Facebook also included statements in support of Palestine, citing “conversation piecers” regarding the Israel-Hamas war. The posts faced backlash from some social media users.
  • Other Black Lives Matter groups, like Black Lives Matter Grassroots, similarly expressed solidarity with Palestine, emphasizing the need to understand Palestinian resistance as an act of self-defense against decades of apartheid and violence.  Read More

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