FBI Creates New Extremism Category for MAGA Supporters

Article Source: Newsweek

Article Source: Newsweek

A supporter of former U.S. president Donald Trump carries a “Trump 2024” flag at the Beverly Hills (Calif.) Freedom Rally on June 24, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California - David McNew/Getty Images
  • The federal government has quietly created a new category of extremists it seeks to track and counter: Donald Trump’s MAGA followers, whom it views as a potential threat in the lead-up to the 2024 U.S. presidential election.
  • While the FBI’s publicly stated focus is on preventing domestic terrorism without reference to political affiliations, its internal data reportedly shows that the majority of its “anti-government” investigations are centered around Trump supporters.
  • Critics argue that labeling Trump and his supporters as domestic terrorists could provoke further anti-government activism and that the challenge lies in striking a balance between countering potential threats and preserving Americans’ constitutional rights.  Read More

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