3 Florida Students Arrested for Creating a Hit List

News 4 Jax
Article Source: News 4 Jax

Article Source: News 4 Jax

Creekside High School, St. Johns, Fla. - via News4Jax screenshot
  • Three students from Creekside High School in St. Johns, Fla., have been arrested after discussing a “lethal hit list” targeting multiple students, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.
  • The students, aged 15, 14, and 14, shared text messages that identified “target students,” included photographs with faces circled, and provided aerial photographs of the school with a location circled. These messages were deemed a credible threat.
  • The students were part of a group chat formed as a Russian Communist Group named “The United Boyopolis Socialist Republic,” which was created after they were bullied by other students. The chat included schedules, home addresses, and photos of targeted students, with the intent to harm or kill them.  Read More

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