Wisconsin Teen Charged After Snapchat Threat

Wkow 27 abc
Article Source: Wkow 27 abc

Article Source: Wkow 27 abc

Emma Hardiman, 18 - via WKOW.com screenshot
  • Emma Hardiman, an 18-year-old former student of the Monona Grove School District in Wisconsin, was charged with felony terrorist threats after making alarming posts on Snapchat, including one with a photo of the school as a backdrop, suggesting the former student might become the next shooter.
  • The threats were reported through the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Speak Up, Speak Out portal, which allows individuals to anonymously report potential school threats. The accused student claimed the threats were motivated by bullying but was arrested and had bail set at $1,500, with restrictions on being near the school’s property.  Read More

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