Research Warns of Rise of White Supremacist Active Clubs

VOA News
Article Source: VOA News

Article Source: VOA News

Members of Arizona Active Club and WLM CA pose together - via ADL screenshot
  • New research by the Counter Extremism Project (CEP) warns that white supremacists have reportedly adopted a new strategy by forming small, loosely affiliated combat sports and fitness clubs known as Active Clubs. These clubs publicly advertise fitness, self-improvement, and brotherhood but have been linked to pushing a white supremacist narrative aimed at preparing members for a potential race war.
  • Over 100 Active Clubs have been created since late 2020, with at least 46 currently active in 34 U.S. states. There are 46 clubs in 14 European countries and 12 clubs in Canada. Despite their proliferation, these clubs lack centralized or hierarchical leadership.
  • Active Club members promote a fitness-focused persona, avoid overt Nazi or white supremacist symbols, and refrain from discussing sensitive topics like Jews or history. However, they seek to recruit new members actively, especially young and active individuals, and gradually indoctrinate them with skills designed for militia-like activities.  Read More

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