Professor Fired for Showing Image of Muhammad Can Proceed With Lawsuit

CBS News
Article Source: CBS News

Article Source: CBS News

Engraving depicting Mohammed in the cave at Hira - Getty Images
  • Erika L贸pez Prater, a former adjunct art professor at Hamline University, in Minnesota, has been granted permission to proceed with her lawsuit against the institution, primarily on the basis of religious discrimination.
  • L贸pez Prater sued the university after being dismissed following a complaint from a Muslim student who objected to her showing ancient images of the Prophet Muhammad in a global art course.
  • While U.S. District Judge Katherine Menendez dismissed several other claims made by L贸pez Prater, the claim of religious discrimination will move forward. Judge Menendez acknowledged the uniqueness of this argument and its potential difficulty to prove but declined to dismiss it entirely.  Read More

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