Feds Catches 160 People on Terror Watch Trying to Cross Border Illegally

The NY Post
Article Source: The NY Post

Article Source: The NY Post

A U.S. Border Patrol vehicle drives by a line of asylum-seekers waiting to begin processing in Brownsville, Texas, May 2023 - Michael Gonzalez/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
  • Federal law enforcement has prevented 160 individuals on the terror watch list from illegally entering the U.S. at the country’s borders this fiscal year, marking the highest number ever. This is a significant increase from the 98 individuals stopped the previous year and the 16 who were caught  in 2021.
  • The identities of those on the terror watch list are closely guarded due to concerns that revealing them could compromise national security and diplomatic relations.
  • The number of people on the watch list attempting to enter the U.S. through its northern border with Canada and southern border with Mexico has surged since President Biden took office, with many attempting to blend in with the large numbers of individuals arriving at international borders. However, government officials have stated that encounters with known or suspected terrorists at the border are uncommon and represent a tiny fraction of total encounters. Read More

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