$6 Billion Ransom Deal With Iran Finalized

AP News
Article Source: AP News

Article Source: AP News

Rally outside the former US embassy on in Tehran on the Anniversary of the US-Iran Hostage Crisis - Getty Images
  • On Monday, September 11, Congress was notified that the Biden administration had cleared the way to transfer $6 billion in assets to Iran via Qatar. In addition the U.S. will release five Iranian operatives being held for illegally providing  assistance to the Iranian regime.
  • In exchange, Iran will free five U.S. citizens currently in detention. A number of other U.S. citizens will remain in Iranian jails.
  • The Biden adminstration has stated that the funds will only be used for humanitarian reasons, but Iranian President Raisi stated in an interview with NBC News that the funds will be used “wherever we need it.”
  • Republicans strongly criticized the deal for a variety of reasons, and the irony of the announcement of so much money going to the biggest sponsor of Islamic terror on the anniversary of 9/11 was widely noted.  Read More

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