Meta Disrupts Disinformation Ops From China and Russia

The Hacker News
Article Source: The Hacker News

Article Source: The Hacker News

  • Meta has disrupted two major covert influence operations from China and Russia, blocking thousands of accounts and pages across its platform, including Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, and more.
  • The Chinese disinformation network targeted a wide range of topics, including China, Xinjiang, criticism of the U.S. and Western foreign policies, and critics of the Chinese government. It involved thousands of accounts and pages, some of which were connected to Chinese law enforcement.
  • The Russian operation, known as Doppelganger, mimicked websites of mainstream news outlets and government entities to post fake articles aimed at weakening support for Ukraine. It expanded its targets to include the U.S. and Israel, and used “typosquatting” techniques in domain names to appear legitimate.  Read More

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