Multiple Neo-Nazi Active Club Members in Military

The Guardian
Article Source: The Guardian

Article Source: The Guardian

  • Researchers say a neo-Nazi “active club” known as the Clockwork Crew has current and former members of the U.S.  military, including lance corporal machine gunner Mohammed Wadaa and ex-Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Gunnar Naughton, among its ranks.
  • Wadaa is currently on suspension for insubordination charges, while Naughton was booted from the service for stealing large amounts of ammunition.
  • Active clubs are groups within the white nationalist and neo-fascist movement that engage in combat sports training and are suspected of preparing for politically and racially motivated violence.
  • Clockwork Crew was founded in 2021 and currently has around a dozen members. It stands out for its willingness to engage in public confrontations and its recruitment efforts within the military and veterans’ community.  Read More

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