Journalist Covering Andy Ngo Antifa Trial Had Car Ransacked

Blaze Media News
Article Source: Blaze Media News

Article Source: Blaze Media News

Andy Ngo covered in unknown substance after Antifa members attacked him on June 29, 2019 in Portland, Oregon - Moriah Ratner/Getty Images
  • After journalist Katie Daviscourt of the Post Millennial covered journalist Andy Ngo’s trial against Antifa, which concluded recently, Daviscourt discovered her car had been ransacked and items stolen.
  • Ngo has been attacked by Antifa militants in the past, with a notable incident on June 29, 2019, in Portland.
  • Daviscourt, who covered the trial, has faced abuse and harassment by alleged Antifa members and was a target of apparent retaliation after the trial’s conclusion.  Read More

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