University Student Charged for Vandalizing Pro-Life Pregnancy Center

Sentinel Tribune
Article Source: Sentinel Tribune

Article Source: Sentinel Tribune

  • Whitney M. Durant, also known as Soren Monroe, has been charged under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act for intentionally damaging the property of HerChoice, a pregnancy care center in Bowling Green, Ohio, by defacing it with spray paint.
  • Durant is a 20-year-old student at Bowling Green State University. 
  • At the time of the incident, it was reported that someone used green spray paint to write the words “Liars,” “Fake clinic,” “Fund abortion,” “Abort God,” and “Jane’s Revenge.”
  • If convicted, the sentence will be determined by the court, taking into account factors such as the defendant’s criminal record, role in the offense, and the nature of the violations, with a maximum sentence of one year incarceration.  Read More

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