Iran Hackers Targeting Nuclear Security Experts

The Record
Article Source: The Record

Article Source: The Record

Flag of Iran and binary code displayed on a laptop screen - Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images
  • Hackers linked to the Iranian government, known as TA453 or Charming Kitten, are targeting experts in Middle Eastern affairs and nuclear security with a new campaign involving malware for Apple and Microsoft products.
  • The campaign aims at reconnaissance, with the hackers deploying backdoors in victims’ systems to gather intelligence. They have been adapting their tools and tactics, including sending Mac malware to one of their recent targets.
  • The campaign began with an email posing as a senior fellow from the UK think tank RUSI requesting feedback on a project called “Iran in the Global Security Context.” The hackers used various cloud hosting providers to deliver the malware and offered to pay the expert for their input. The likely goal is to monitor experts involved in the Iran nuclear agreement negotiations. Read More

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